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November 2013 | Prodomax Automation Ltd.

Mercedes Benz Driverless

Driverless Cars for Road Ahead

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Greetings from the back seat of the world’s smartest car.
Mercedes-Benz’s autonomous research vehicle—cleverly disguised as a large black sedan—has been taking this reporter on a tour of hallowed ground. In August 1888, Bertha Benz, the wife of Karl Benz, actually stole her husband’s prototype motorwagen, then the only automobile in the world, and drove it from Mannheim, Germany, to her mother’s house in Pforzheim, some 60 miles away. It’s a whole big thing with the company…
Look! Over there! A tree! See, you have a lot of downtime in this car, because it drives itself. To be clear, it drives itself under the wary eye of at least a couple of engineers at all times, who are watching the car’s autonomous-driving operation and carefully recording errors so that they can dial in software fixes back at the lab.
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