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Leslie Tells how his Company Went From a Tiny Machine Builder to a Vehicle Underbody Specialist

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In an interview with Business Review Canada, Don Leslie, Vice President of Sales for Prodomax Automation discusses how his Company rebranded itself from a small specialized machine builder to a vehicle underbody specialist.

Prodomax Automation works very closely with its customers to come up with a manufacturing solution that’s going to work for them. “We use lean manufacturing principles to develop a manufacturing solution that’s going to work for them in their plan,” says Leslie in the article. “We consider components such as robot utilizations, operator utilizations, ergonomics and material flow products coming in and out of the cell, minimizing operator walk distances, and just employing a lot of those lean concepts into the systems that we’re designing for our customers.”

At Prodomax Automation, customer satisfaction entails executing a job on time and on budget, and a happy customer will come back and buy more equipment. “That’s really where the success of our company comes from is providing our customers with an economic solution and following through to ensure they have a successful start up for themselves,” Leslie adds.

By Chad Recchia, Press Release Distribution

October 26, 2010