The Tacoma frame lines produces 14 differences of truck frames. Prodomax scope includes five groups of  assembly lines: Coils support subs, Front Rails subs, Front Stub subs, Rear rail/stub subs and Frame marriage/reweld lines. Other small subs are produced using existing equipment by customer.

The coils support subs consists of 4 2-MIG robots welding cells each has two head stock to rotate fixture for welding.
The Front Rail sub are produced by a series of weld cells. The rail seam welding fixtures are equipped with CKD frame clamps. Both manual welding and robotic welding are used to complete the Front Side Rail.
Front Stub line consists series of geo welding and rewelding stations. MH robot transfer the Front Stub between stations. The completed Front Stub are transferred to frame marriage station using conveyor
Rear rail/stub line consists series of manual welding and riveting stations using overhead mono rail transfer. Completed Rear stubs are transferred to frame marriage station using conveyor
The Front stub and Rear stub are picked up from the transferring conveyors and loaded into the marriage fixture. Two MIG welding robots weld the joints between Front and Rear Stub. A MH robot transfer frame to reweld station where 8 robots complete all the weld to the frame.