Swivel Seat Assembly

The RT Swivel Seat has a Driver and Passenger version which are mirrors to one another, with the exception that the Drivers Side I/B, Inside Plate Sub Assembly is identical to the Passenger Side O/B, Inside Plate Sub Assembly, and likewise for the O/B and I/B variations. The difference here is that the Handle Detent Bracket is not mirrored. The Handle, LH Track and RH Track Sub Assemblies are identical between Driver and Passenger variations.

The Final Assembly of the Seat Track is achieved with an over/under Bosch pallet line system. The pallet line features 4 manual load stations, 1 greasing station, 4 probe/inspect/function test stations and an operator unload station.
This system will produce either a Driver or Passenger side Seat Assembly and features pallets capable of processing either. The DC nutrunners used to torque the fasteners will monitor torque and angle, such that rejected assemblies will be locked in the pallet until the rejects are acknowledged by the operator.
Completed assemblies are labeled with a bar code and the bar code is manually scanned by the unload operator.
A PC and Software is supplied for process data collection.