Honda Row Seat Assembly

The Honda TZ 2nd Row Seat has a Driver and Passenger version which are a 60/40 split all 4 seat track are unique assembly’s.

The Final Assembly of the Seat Track is achieved with an precision link indexing conveyor system with a 1 second index time.
The line features 15 automatic stations, 1 greasing station, 1 latch station, 1 roller carriage insert station, 1 racking station, 1 ball & spacer insert station, 1 skid force station, 1 upper track dimple station, 1 lower track dimple station, 1probe station,1 robotic unload station, 1 burnish stations, 1 bushing flare station, 1 Pop rivet station, 1 End cap install station, 1 Test & probe station.
This system will produce either a Driver or Passenger side Seat Assembly and features pallets capable of processing either.
Completed assemblies are labeled with a bar code and the bar code is manually scanned by the unload operator.
A PC and Software is supplied for process data collection.

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