Chrysler KL H Pillar

The KL H-Pillar lines produce both LH & RH components. The H-Pillar consists of a high strength Hot Stamped outer shell, Dual Hot Stamped inner reinforcements, a Side Sill stamping, extensive sealant, StandOff brackets, and multiple Hinge Nut reinforcement plates.

Each LH & RH B-Pillar system includes an offline M10 Hinge Nut projection welder, 4 GEO stations with Spot Welding & Material Handling Robots, 4 respot stations with material handling robot & pedestal spot welding gun, a pedestal M8 Nut welding gun, dual pedestal sealant application stations, 2 MIG Welding stations, a DateScribe marking station, and an offload conveyor. 18 total robots are used to produce the finished LH & RH H-Pillars.

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