The single PF A-Pillar line produces both LH & RH components. The A-Pillar consists of a high strength Hot Stamped outer shell, a Roofrail Crossmember Bracket, a single Reinforcement, and multiple Roof Handle Brackets. Lastly, there are 2 M6 Projection Weld Nuts per hand.

The combined LH & RH A-Pillar system includes a single stamping Load Nest, a main GEO station with Dual Spot Welding Robots and Dial Table, a respot station with Material Handling Robot & Pedestal Spot Welding Gun, a Material Handling station with Robot & M6 Pedestal Nut welding gun, and finally an offload conveyor. 4 total robots are used to produce the finished LH & RH A-Pillars after Hot-Stamping.

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