Karmax CD 4.1.2

The Ford CD 4.1 Laser Welding Cell makes the Left and Right Hand of the “A” Pillar/Roof Rail and the “B” Pillar.

Each Turntable is dedicated to one hand of the assemblies. The “A” Pillar is completed on one side of the table and the “B” Pillar of the same hand is completed on the opposite side of the same turntable. A Mirrored turntable is provided for the opposite hand. All parts for each assembly are loaded into a single dedicated GEO tool. To maintain a light safe condition the laser is turned off while both tables are turned simultaneously.

The robot moves the scanner head to various positions over the tools and rotates the trunnion allowing all sides of the part/tooling to be presented to the scanner head as required. The scanner head has a work envelope of approximately 200mm x 300mm with a standoff dimension (focal length) from the tool of 600mm (max). The scanner head can weld to any point with it’s work envelope which significantly reduces the robot moves required.

KarMax CD 4.1 A & B PillarsThe system also includes a weld monitor that by using feedback from the laser and scanner head which can be programmed to identify any weld that does not fall within specific parameters. This weld can then be scheduled for additional inspection or repair.

A stand alone 6000cfm fume collection and filtering system is also included.

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