General Motors GMX350 Dash Assembly

General Motors GMX350 Dash AssemblyThe GMX350/351 Dash consists of 2 stamped halves with sealant at the spot-welded seam, several stamped projection nut brackets, and 2 types of Drawn-Arc Studs.

In total 8 robots are used to produce the finished GMX350 Dash. The system consists of 2 Dial Table Operator Load Stations. The first includes a Spot Welding Robot and a Sealant Dispensing Robot, while the second uses 2 Spot Welding Robots. Both stations use a Material Handling Robot to pick the SubAssy, apply 5 Drawn-Arc Studs, then place each into a central Marriage Station with 2 Servo Spot Welding guns on XY Servo Slides. After the marriage, there are 2 more Material Handling Robots with Pedestal Spot Welding Guns and a shared Drawn-Arc Stud Welder. The final assembly is checked at a DAS check tree before being unloaded to an offload conveyor or reject next.

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