Mazda J61 Door Aperture

Mazda J61 Door ApertureThe Mazda J61 Door Aperture line makes the Left and Right Hand of the Door Aperture. All sub assemblies and projection welded fasteners are included in the main line.

Each hand of the machine consists of an operator loaded GEO tool for the Sill sub assembly and an operator loaded GEO tool for the A-Pillar/B-Pillar sub assembly. The A/B Pillar sub assembly has projection welded fasteners as well as several spot welds applied before being robotically loaded to the Marriage Station. The Sill is relocated to the Marriage Station by the Spot Weld/Material Handling Robot. Following the Marriage Station additional spot welds are applied. Date Stamping is provided by the part marker integrated into the transfer nest. A Pneumatic Lift Assist is used by the operator to pack the completed assembly to shipping racks.